Unfold.art offers breathtaking immersive experiences at the intersection of art, technology, new media and music, designed to deeply stimulate and enrapture your senses.

About us
Unfold.art | new worlds of light & sound

The genesis

The concept was founded by the team behind Amsterdam’s world-famous Audio Obscura events, which has gained a reputation for staging electronic music events in the most unusual and iconic spaces. Unfold.art continues this trend of bringing magical experiences to striking spaces across the world, helping to reshape the urban landscape. Inspired by kinetic light installations, the team decided to take the concept into a new direction—complementing and enhancing this striking digital art with the power of music.

How it manifests

Collaborating with the most innovative artists across art, technology, new media and music, Unfold.art pushes the boundaries of the imagination with its large-scale experiences. Taking over black box locations across the world and transforming them into playgrounds of light, these residencies take art into new dimensions of experience. With the visual piece at its heart, these installations also give a home to live performances and raves alongside the art exhibition itself. In doing so, these breathtaking installations are made accessible to everyone from wide-eyed children to curious grandparents, from live music lovers to art critics and seasoned clubbers.

Where you can find it

In 2023 Unfold.art will launch on a global scale, taking installations around the world to allow many more people to experience this magic at first-hand. This is just the beginning…

Artists that have collaborated with us.

Choosing to work with artists who are pushing the boundaries of the imagination, Unfold.art provides a platform to develop immersive art and bring these to audiences across the world.


Nonotak is a creative studio project founded by former illustrator Noemi Schipfer and former architect-musician Takami Nakamoto that was conceived in 2012. Nonotak works with light & sound installations and performance pieces to create ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environments which are built to envelope, challenge and stagger the viewer capitalising on Nakamoto’s approach to space, light & sound and Schipfer’s experience with kinetic visual and complex, geometric illustrations. Nonotak’s aestetic is inspired by minimal architecture and optical art.